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Experience our sensuous and rich manicure and pedicure treatments.  Aromatherapy scents enhance the indulgency of the service. Beyond mere pampering, our nail services promote healing and revitalizing for stronger nails and softer skin.

Zana Spa Manicure: starting at, $40
Treat yourself to our signature manicure. Detailed attention to cuticles, nails are buffed and shaped to perfection and your choice of polish is expertly applied. This renewing service ends with a hand and arm massage.
  • Shellac polish: +$15
Manicures London Ontario
French Manicure: starting at, $49
Enjoy our Zana Spa manicure with the added indulgence of the traditional French technique. Available with regular polish or SHELLAC for perfect nails with an addictive mirror finish. Ideal for anyone travelling or for a special event.
  • Shellac polish: +$15
Manicures London Ontario
Deep Hydrating Manicure: , $52
Based on our signature Zana Manicure, indulge in the most complete hydrating treatment that helps boost circulation, relax your muscles and increase skin elasticity, with a unique 100% natural treatment that incorporates Shea butter and essential oils for the ultimate smoothness. Excellent for arthritis and sore hands.  
Manicures London Ontario
Gel Nail Extensions: , $81
Provides lasting color and shine. This sculpted nail looks natural and can last up to three weeks.

  • Gel Nail Re-Balance: $59
  • Gel Nail Repair: $12 ea

Manicures London Ontario
Polish Change: starting at, $23
Nails are buffed and shaped to perfection and choice of polish is expertly applied.
  • Two colours: $29
  • Shellac one colour: $34
  • Shellac, two colours: $41
Manicures London Ontario
Nail Art: starting at, $10
One-of-a-Kind hand painted nail designs with colour, glitter and bling. Also includes illusion sculpting or other couture shapes. Please contact us for a consultation.  
Manicures London Ontario

Manicure Enhancements

Mini art:
two nails $10  
Simple art:
Glitter or colour gradation $10  
1 Colour, 5-10 Swarovski stones $50  
Custom art:
Custom art:
with Swarovski stones $120  


Express Pedicure: $50
Recommended for those in a hurry or between pedicures. Feet are exfoliated while soaking in a stimulating jet spa bath, light cuticle work, nails are shaped and then buffed or painted to perfection  
Pedicures London Ontario
Whirlpool Pedicure: $70
This therapeutic pedicure helps invigorate and re-mineralize tired feet. Using our custom scrub, the feet are exfoliated while soaking in a stimulating jet spa bath. A massage with soothing cream follows. Nails are then buffed, shaped to perfection and your choice of regular polish is expertly applied. As with all our nail services, detailed attention to cuticles and callus removal is included.  
Pedicures London Ontario
Deep Hydrating Pedicure: $84
Based on our signature Whirpool Pedicure, indulge in the most complete hydrating treatment that helps boost circulation, relax your muscles and increase skin elasticity with a unique 100% natural treatment, that incorporates Shea butter and essential oils for the ultimate smoothness.  
Pedicures London Ontario
Chocolate Pedicure: $89
A luxurious treat for your feet based on our Deep Hydrating Pedicure, this special blend will soften and relax your skin. This treatment will be one of the most decadent spa services you have ever experienced.  
Pedicures London Ontario
Hot Stone Pedicure: $92
Inspired on our signature Whirpool Pedicure this service ends with a massage of the lower leg muscles and feet with warm smooth stones that are used as an extension of the therapist's hands sending traces of heat through the muscles, focusing on specific reflex points.  
Pedicures London Ontario
Diabetic Pedicure: $84
Therapeutic options offered after a complete diagnostics has been performed to meet the clients specific needs.  
Pedicures London Ontario

Zana Upgrades

French : regular polish $6  
Hydrating Treatment: $18  
Shellac Polish: $15  


Our staff of professional makeup artists create and enhance beauty for your lifestyle.  With thoughtful consideration and analysis they develop natural looks and colour palettes.  Once your perfect look is defined your artist will instruct you on how to apply, adjust and maintain it.

Eyelash Extensions, Full-set: $190

Our team specializes in creating beautiful, natural looks that begin with a complimentary consultation where the needs of your look and lifestyle are assessed resulting in a fabulous new fringe designed to flatter your eyes.

  • Lash Fling: $92
  • Lash Fill: $51
  • Removal: $26
Salon & Spa London Ontario
Makeup Application: $51
Perfect for an event or special occasion when you need the expertise of a professional to create a flawless look.  
Salon & Spa London Ontario
Bridal Trial Makeup Application: $45
Having a trial run makeup application helps relieve anxiety about getting the perfect look for your special day. Our makeup artists document the techniques used, so that there will be no surprises on your wedding day.  
Salon & Spa London Ontario
Artificial Eyelashes: $18
Eyelash Tint: $37
Eyebrow Tint: $24
Eyebrow Microblading: Eyebrow embroidery $362
This semi-permanent solution that instantly gives you fuller, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Won't wash off and lasts up to 3 years. This service is great for scars, thinning eyebrows and line reconstruction.
  • Shading: add $45
  • Touch-up: start at $80

Every procedure includes a complementary touch-up within 2 months of procedure.

Salon & Spa London Ontario


Zana has a number of luxurious facials which address all skin types.  Unique to our treatments are our distinctive facial massages.

Quick Glow : $75  
Facial London Ontario
Deep Cleanse Facial : $110  
A facial tailored to your skin's specific needs. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam if needed, extractions of blackheads, mask, massage and moisturizer to restore balance and tone to the skin.  
Facial London Ontario
Cellular Renew : $165  
This unique anti-aging cosmetic treatment visibly diminishes wrinkles and expression marks, stimulates cellular turn-over and improves volume and elasticity of the skin tissues. The results are immediate, leaving skin looking supple, healthy and luminescent.  
Facial London Ontario
Skin Purity : $116  
Detoxify and clarify uneven skin with natural stimulation. Ideal for skin that is oily has dilated pores, impurities or unbalanced skin pH. Skin becomes visibly brighter, free of superficial impurities, softer and smoother.  
Facial London Ontario
De-Sense Instant Relief : $125  
A protecting, purifying and restorative treatment for sensitive skin types. Environmental elements, rosacea, aggressive medical peels and laser treatments can bring skin sensitivity to the forefront. This ultimate gentle therapy improves the skin's tolerance to irritations by reducing inflammation and soothing dull, dry and flaky skin.  
Facial London Ontario
Corrective Peel : $403  
This is a deep peeling treatment to refine skin texture, minimize the appearance of fine lines and scars and encourage a balanced skin tone for a youthful glow in just five days!. You will receive personalized home care products to support and protect your skin in the 5-Day process. Your new, healthy skin will be revealed with your follow-up treatment.  
Facial London Ontario
Beauty Peel : $148  
Based on a mixture of pure herbs, this treatment helps improve microcirculation by supplying the skin with oxygen and nutrients resulting in a improved skin complextion without the visible signs of peeling. Fresh skin in one day!  
Facial London Ontario
Signature Lip & Eye Treatment : $51  
This intensive eye treatment is designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve dark circles, relieve puffy eyes, improve clarity and totally rejuvenate this delicate area.  
Facial London Ontario


Our low temperature depilatory wax safely removes hair from all parts of the face and body and discourages new hair growth.  Because hair growth varies by individual, the time and effort required to remove hair can also vary.
Please note: Not recommended for guests taking oral or topical medications that thin the skin or make it more sensitive.

Half Leg w/ Partial Brazilian:
Eyebrow &Lip:
Lip & Chin:
Full Leg w/ Partial Brazilian:
Lip or Chin:
Full Face:
Sideburns & Cheeks:
Full Arm:
Half Arm:
Full Leg:
Half Leg:
Full Leg w/ Bikini:
Half Leg w/ Bikini:
Full Leg w/ Brazilian:
Half Leg w/ Brazilian:
Brazilian Bikini:
Partial Brazilian:


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